AESTHETICA uses Phytomer, Fleur’s and Organic Rose for outstanding skincare treatments.

PHYTOMER, the exclusive French skincare house, based on powerful Marine ingredients, contains only the freshest seaweed. Each blissful spa treatment is feeding your skin and body with purest vitamins, amino acids and concentrated sea minerals found in natural seawater, making it tolerable for the most sensitive of skins. The results are outstanding and skin is left regenerated, ultra-hydrated and beautifully calm.

FLEUR’S, most luxurious flower-based skincare, has developed cutting-edge expertise in the field of floral aromachology. Products contain only the finest most active organic flower extracts to replenish and re-mineralise. The powerful flower ingredients will cocoon you into an unforgettable floral bouquet. We are proud to be able to offer Fleur’s Golden Veil treatments, based on 24-carat Gold. The treatment experience is magical, the results delightful. Skin is left shimmering with precious radiance and renewed youth.

ORGANIC ROSE, handmade in England, prides itself in using only the finest rose oil sourced from present day Persia where the roses are handpicked at dawn and distilled with pure mountain water. This luxurious product range only contains the most natural organic rose oil, known for its extraordinary healing and rejuvenating powers, leaving even the most sensitive skin hydrated, calm and moisturised.



Marine Discovery Facial

This is a perfect express facial and a blissful pick-me-up.

Marine Calm Facial

For highly sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Starts with a relaxing back massage. Calming soothing ingredients desensitise the skin, repair and reduce redness.

Specific Facials

Our unique prestigious facials begin with a relaxing back massage, followed by an application of self-heating mud to the spine, to increase relaxation and to replenish.

*Ultra-Moisturising / Ocean-Oxygen / Anti-Ageing

Platinum Facial

Ultimate luxury in anti-ageing treatment, our Pioneer Facial is based on “XMF” Extra Marine Filler, Phytomer’s newest Marine ingredient. Reaching its height of biotechnological performance, it fills lines and wrinkles to restore skin’s youthfulness by 100% in only 1 treatment. New unique massage stimulates micro-circulation, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Includes specific lip plumping treatment.


Citylife Facial

  Phytomer’s latest addition. Based on powerful CITYLIFE complex.

Anti-Pollution Skin Freshness Treatment, combats signs of tiredness and repairs damage from pollution and smoking. Intensely hydrating, evens out complexion of city-dwelling skins, sweeping away toxic microparticles.

Marine Eye Lift

Sublimely relaxing treatment designed to decongest and invigorate the eye area. Counteracts puffy skin and first signs of fine lines. Includes soothing scalp massage.



Fresh Rose Facial

This beautiful express facial is a perfect introduction to the luxurious Organic Rose.

Luxury Rose Facial


Experience all layers of beautiful soothing Organic Rose products. This facial is very indulging, involves a deep steam exfoliation and starts with a gentle back massage.