AUTUMN ESCAPE time is back !

Our AUTUMN ESCAPE treatment is specifically designed to boost energy levels & stimulate the immune system, ready for the cold season.

With the seasonal change of energy, our AUTUMN ESCAPE treatment is concentrating on keeping up your energy levels.

Available until the middle of November, this beautiful limited offer treatment is just perfect to escape from everything.

Oozing with organic EUCALYPTUS, breathing becomes lighter, minds and bodies are left feeling clearer & decongested.

An hour of bliss, we start with our LYMPHATIC BODY BRUSHING to wake up your system, continue with our intense EUCALYPTUS INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE to melt away tension points, follow with our DETOX LEG MASSAGE to help drain away excess fluids and finish off with our powerful FOOT REFLEX MASSAGE.

All this for only £45 !

An immune-boosting session suitable for him & her, aimed to relax whilst clearing away any heaviness.

We love Eucalyptus, as next to its anti-viral properties, it has many practical uses.

The strong fresh aroma is herbal & balsamic, combining a piercing yet soothing fragrance.

Prepare your body for the colder season!

It’s AUTUMN ESCAPE time here.

We are so happy to have it back!

Escape & float away….

AUTUMN ESCAPE   60mins   £45