Summer is in the air & our SUMMER BREEZE is back !

This special limited edition treatment will be available until the middle of September.

As we are lovers of all things oriental, our new treatment combination for summer is based on ORIENTAL OILS, zesty and exotic, to take you on a fragrant journey.

This year, our special seasonal treatment is featuring a BACK FACIAL, an area which is so tricky to treat and nourish oneself.

Intoxicating ORIENTAL oils of LEMONGRASS, LIME, GINGER, MANDARIN and PEPPERMINT are rounded off with a tad of SANDALWOOD – creating a fragrance experience that will take you to different places far away, where you will find instant tranquillity and space to regenerate.

Our SUMMER BREEZE is designed to uplift and energise, making you feel and look fabulous during the warmer season.

Starting with LYMPHATIC BODY BRUSHING to wake up your system and help eliminate toxins, we then start our intensive BACK FACIAL.

 Our powerful ORIENTAL SALT SCRUB will eliminate skin tiredness, revealing a new smooth back  – whilst the oils are so potent, the fragrance will uplift you in an instant.

This is then followed by a thick layer of zesty super purifying BACK MASQUE, a very active and stimulating targeted treatment to even out and hydrate the skin’s texture, as well as specifically helpful in drawing out toxins.

Whilst you will be cocooned as this masque stage is actively working away, we continue with a special LEG INVIGORATING TREATMENT, to increase the skin’s circulation and help reduce water retention – to reveal legs ready to be shown off during summer.

The powerful concoction of oils will leave your legs feeling light and energised.

Following removing the powerful back masque, we will treat you to our invigorating BACK MASSAGE using targeted ORIENTAL oils of LEMONGRASS, LIME, GINGER and MANDARIN.

Zingy and refreshing, your skin is fed with super nourishing oils to replenish, whilst muscle tensions will be soothed away, leaving you light and super relaxed.

We finish off our beautiful SUMMER BREEZE treatment with our very refreshing PEPPERMINT head massage, focusing on pressure points to support breathing.

Our SUMMER BREEZE treatment is the perfect tonic for mind & body, and a wonderful suitable treatment for him or her.

This blissful hour is only £45, saving you £££’s.

 Our SUMMER BREEZE will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, energised and ready to take on the daily challenges life brings.

Get ready for summer!

SUMMER BREEZE   60mins   £45