Our AUTUMN ESCAPE is back !

This special limited edition treatment will be available until the end of November.

Our special seasonal offer treatments all feature new versions and tweaks this year and we are very excited about our new AUTUMN ESCAPE.

 Based on clearing ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS, this treatment is specifically designed to boost energy levels & stimulate the immune system, ready for the cold season.

Starting off with FULL LYMPHATIC BODY BRUSHING to wake up the circulation and help drain away toxins, you will be cocooned and wrapped up to fully switch off.

We follow this with our refreshing EYE REVIVAL BOOST treatment which targets the under eye area, to decrease heaviness and puffiness.

Powerful GREEN TEA and COLLAGEN work their magic on nourishing the eye area whilst you will enjoy our blissful INDIAN  HEAD MASSAGE, oozing with EUCALYPTUS.

We focus on all the tension areas of shoulders, neck and head & concentrate on pressure points to help decongest sinus areas.

Your breathing will be light, your head will feel clear and focused.

A very soothing draining eye massage will follow, gentle yet powerful, to leave your eyes bright and sparkly.

Finished with our invigorating FOOT FLOW DETOX MASSAGE, to balance your metabolism, this blissful treatment is simply ultra relaxing.

Our AUTUMN ESCAPE treatment is the perfect tonic for mind & body, and a wonderful suitable treatment for him or her.

This blissful hour is only £50, saving you £££’s.

Our AUTUMN ESCAPE will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated from top to toe, energised and boosted, to start the colder season in the healthiest way possible.

Get ready for the colder season!


AUTUMN ESCAPE   60mins   £50