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We are very excited about two NEW TREATMENTS being added to our list!

Last year, our “seasonal” treatments featured completely new sequences, and we have listened to our lovely clients and have put together all the most loved elements into two new wonderful treatments.

Based on strong ORIENTAL ZEST of LEMONGRASS, LIME, GINGER, MANDARIN and PEPPERMINT, these treatments are powerful, highly refreshing and invigorating.

Suitable for him & her, and perfect for all that love to be wrapped up, brushed, scrubbed and massaged.

You will float on a cloud and feel all your tension melt away.

Treatment #1 


This powerful super-boosting treatment is based on zesty ORIENTAL oils of LEMONGRASS ~ LIME ~ GINGER ~ MANDARIN ~ PEPPERMINT.

Starting with LYMPHATIC BODY BRUSHING to help drain away toxins, we follow with our ORIENTAL BACK FACIAL which consists of ORIENTAL SALT SCRUB to leave your back super smooth, followed by a tingly powerful treatment pack of  PURIFYING ORIENTAL BACK MASQUE.

Whilst its powerful THERMO-ACTIVE ingredients work their magic under thermo foil, we let you zone out during our INVIGORATING SCALP MASSAGE, using nourishing oils to deeply condition hair & scalp. Your hair will be left silky smooth.

We will then let you float away during our zesty BACK MASSAGE, concentrating on all muscles of the back, neck and shoulder area, using powerful zingy ORIENTAL oils.

Pure bliss, the ESSENTIAL ORIENTAL BACK REVIVAL is literally divine.


Treatment #2 


This really is the ULTIMATE back treatment!


Working on LEGS & BACK, we start with our LYMPHATIC BODY BRUSHING to help drain away toxins, then follow with our delicious ORIENTAL BACK FACIAL.

The tingly invigorating ORIENTAL SALT SCRUB will reveal the smoothest of skin, we follow this with our PURIFYING ORIENTAL BACK MASQUE to feed your skin with hydration and preparing your muscles for the next treatment step.

Whilst the powerful THERMO-ACTIVE MASQUE ingredients work their magic under thermo foil, enjoy our INVIGORATING LEG MASSAGE, using powerful ORIENTAL ZEST to drain away excess fluids and puffiness – for light energised legs.

To take you into the ULTIMATE RELAXATION zone, we will then use our beautiful HOT STONES and indulge you in a full HOT STONE BACK MASSAGE.

 Combined with our ORIENTAL ZEST of finest oils, the added heat of our powerful HOT STONES is extra healing and very powerful for the circulation, releasing every bit of tension you may have.

As always with all our HOT STONE treatments, we will work on all your CHAKRAS, too  – balancing all your energy centres to overcome blockages and allow your system to work in complete harmony.

Absolutely the ULTIMATE in relaxation, this treatment leaves you fully renewed and repaired.


Potent, zingy, uplifting!

Highly refreshing and deeply invigorating, both treatments stimulate your metabolism and support your immune system.

 We absolutely LOVE these two NEW treatment additions and we know you will do, too.

ESSENTIAL ORIENTAL BACK REVIVAL and ULTIMATE ORIENTAL BACK REVIVAL will both be part of our signature treatments and will be here to stay.

Try out these wonderful new treatments and feel leaving positive & fully energised!



Spring is in the air and to celebrate nature’s time of renewal, we have a completely NEW treatment to keep you feeling wonderful throughout this season!

Our SPRING RADIANCE is based on erasing tiredness and filling you with energy, for a noticeably radiant glow from within.

Starting with an intense 40 minute HOT STONE BACK NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE, you will feel every little tension melt away under this beautiful healing heat.

The power of the stones is hard to describe. In all our HOT STONE treatments, we work on your Chakras, freeing up any blockages you might hold in these sensitive energy centres, to enable your body to work in complete harmony.

Muscles get worked deeply and you will feel the powerful heat radiating into all these hardworking areas, soothing every muscle.

It is said that a heated massage is up to 10 times stronger than a non-heated massage, due to the stimulation of blood circulation.

You will feel deeply relaxed and replenished.

We follow this on with a 20 mins PHYTOMER MARINE FACIAL, to lift your complexion and get rid of any dryness left behind from the colder season.

A beautiful steam session will help open up your breathing, fully hydrate your skin and leave you squeaky clean.

We will cocoon your skin with multiple layers of PHYTOMER’s powerful magical products, leaving your face calm and fully repaired.

Of course, we will finish this blissful session with a gentle scalp massage, to leave you soothed yet fully uplifted.

This  blissful 1 hour treatment is suitable for him and her, saving you £££’s and is perfect for all those clients who always wish we could spend a lot more time on the back.

Our HOT STONES will melt all your stresses away, filling you with healing heat & the PHYTOMER MARINE FACIAL will leave you fresh and bright.

Available during Spring, our SPRING RADIANCE treatment is simply divine.

For a radiant glow of youth and health from within, treat yourself to our SPRING RADIANCE treatment.

SPRING RADIANCE  60mins   £ 50