AESTHETICA prides itself in using the most exclusive of French skincare houses, Phytomer.

Its vast Marine based product-line is outstanding and each of its luxurious facial and body treatments delivers memorable results.

Phytomer feeds your skin with purest vitamins, amino acids and concentrated sea-minerals, all derived from freshest seaweed harvested in France.

Incorporating the spirit and values of the sea, each high-performance product is most tolerable to any skin type.


Phytomer’s facials are distinguished by only the richest seaweed, purest spring water and powerful plant enzymes working together to achieve calming, ultra-moisturising, balancing or anti-ageing results.

Phytomer’s body treatments are all very powerful with only the most holistic approach in mind. From top to toe, the results are instant and long-lasting. Deeply replenishing and re-mineralising for the entire system, these wonderful treatments are multi-sensorial and simply exceptional. If it is for detoxifying, sculpting, hydrating or relaxing – Phytomer has got it all!

Phytomer Homme is a very popular range to also spoil our male clients.

Discover this wonderful Spa skincare. Experience your mind and body filled with newly found energy and at complete equilibrium.

As a Phytomer appointed salon, we stock and retail all of Phytomer’s exceptional products and have regular offers and gift packs available.



VIE is a cosmeceutical brand and Phytomer’s sister brand.

VIE offers original youth solutions and unprecedented treatment procedures inspired directly by aesthetic medicine.

Forget botox, forget fillers..!
Allow nature to give you incredible results, without needles, without toxins.
No invasion and no intervention.

Being truly a holistic salon, we always search to find NATURAL ALTERNATIVES to anything invasive or toxic.
VIE products stand out with high-tech formulas and advanced ingredients which deliver maximum youth effectiveness to the skin.


The star ingredients and major scientific discoveries are patented and integrated in products that are increasingly innovative and effective.

The VIE Collection scientific team is composed of a panel of skin biology experts, achieving the development of powerful benchmark ingredients which are results-driven and extremely advanced, resulting in high-performance correcting formulas.

With optimal tolerance for the most sensitive skins, the effectiveness of VIE’s formulas is proven and measured in-house with a series of in vitro tests in the integrated cell culture laboratory and externally via in vivo tests in independent laboratories.


Aesthetica is proud to offer 3 complete VIE FACIAL Treatments in salon.

We also retail the full product range.

VIE products work harmoniously with all PHYTOMER products, both brands can be combined to achieve the ultimate individually tailored skincare regime, making them a wonderful powerful rejuvenation team.

The techniques used in VIE COLLECTION Treatments are inspired by the medical field and offer spectacular results after the very first session.

Without intervention, without invasion, without toxins.




Indulge in the most luxurious range of face and body products, using pure rosewater and the finest rose oil, sourced carefully to let you experience Organic Skincare at its best.

Know for its extraordinary powers of healing and rejuvenation, rose oil is simply outstanding, leaving skins hydrated, soothed and calm.

Whether moisturising, toning, or reducing signs of ageing, BOTANICALS is designed for those with sensitive skin.

Handmade in England, BOTANICALS products have won many prestigious awards, including “Best Brand” in the FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

Over two decades have been dedicated to researching, developing and producing a complete range of totally natural and organic skincare products.

All products are Artisan produced to the strictes standards for organic integrity. They are made fresh and in small batches, to preserve their active botanical properties – ensuring the active nutrients of the plant are not destroyed by heating or over-processing.

BOTANICALS was the first brand to ever receive Soil Association certification on all of its products. Using the power of naturally occuring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Botanicals organic skincare ranges are designed to restore natural balance to the skin.

Cleansing, hydrating, moisturising, regenerating and revitalising – 100% naturally. Suitable for vegans, all products are made in England, fully Soil Association Organic certified, and of course, not tested on animals.

You will love these beautiful Rose products in our Rose Treatments… ♥



At AESTHETICA, we use Tisserand Aromatherapy for our massage treatments.

Famous for its highest standards to enhance health and wellbeing, creating superior authentic products, Tisserand uses only finest essential oil ingredients.

These botanical products are vegan, non-animal tested, mineral-oil free and aluminium-free.

We will blend your own oil to your specific needs and also have beautiful Tisserand pre-blended oils available for many health requirements.

~De-Stress, Detox, Energise, Muscle Ease~

Tisserand delivers the most wonderful oils and is known for its high quality products that make a special gift for a loved one or for yourself.

Indulge in Tisserand’s exquisite Aromatherapy product range.


For any aspect of nail care, Creative Nail Design has been the top professional salon-exclusive product for many years.

Originating from the USA, its performance and quality always guarantees ultimate results and top marks on customer satisfaction.

CND became famous through its nail polish, made of actual enamel, which improves wearability & flexibility.

Its free-flowing consistency and stable pigments mean you can enjoy your nails for a very long time.

CND’s original hybrid power polish is simply a revolution! Mirror-like shine, zero dry-time and no filing or damage to the nail, SHELLAC lasts weeks. We have a large choice of beautiful colours available.